Life In Motion Yoga


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Yoga Starts With YOU

Envision a life of increased stability, mobility, and flexibility—whatever your age and physical ability.

Envision the ability to move mindfully and ease-fully through your daily activities.

Envision the peace of mind that can be cultivated through attention to the breath and gentle movements of the body.

Envision greater self-confidence and body awareness—whether you’re two, 52, 82, or 102!

Welcome to YOUR life in motion, a yoga practice tailored to your goals, your body’s physical needs, and your lifestyle.

Are you:

  • A frazzled parent needing some ‘you’ time away from the kids, or a parent seeking a family and child-friendly activity to enjoy with your entire family?

  • A young adult, student, or physically active adult looking for a whole-body work out that challenges your physical capabilities while increasing your mental and emotional resilience?

  • So busy that your body is screaming for some relaxing, quiet time away from technology and your daily responsibilities?

  • Recovering from an injury or surgery, or dealing with a chronic illness or disease?

  • New to yoga, returning to yoga, or skeptical about yoga?

  • Seeking a teacher sensitive and knowledgeable about working with older bodies, physical limitations, props, wheelchairs, physical injuries and illness, etc…?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

With over 300 hours of extensive therapeutic and medical-focused yoga training and over 120 classes taught from Washington to Hawaii, Life in Motion was birthed from the dream to empower individuals all around the world with the knowledge and skills to move safely, comfortably, and freely—in the one-of-a-kind-body that we have—through life.

“Because no two individual’s yoga practices are the same, just as no two bodies are exactly the same


"The healthiest Asana yoga practice, as I've come to experience it, is a physical pose that fits your body, not a body that attempts to fit a pose"

~current student, 55 years old, hip replacement and low back pain